What Causes Subluxations?


What is Stress?

stress (noun)
definition #1

In health care, the term denotes the physical (gravity, mechanical force, pathogen, injury) and psychological (fear, anxiety, crisis, joy) forces that are experienced by individuals. It is generally believed that biological organisms require a certain amount of stress in order to maintain their well-being. However, when stress occurs in quantities that the system cannot handle, it produces pathological changes.

The amount of stress humans can withstand without having a pathological reaction to it varies from individual to individual and from situation to situation.

(Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary. Copyright 1997 by F.A. Davis Company.)

Everything in this life&including all of our emotions, all of our food & drink, all aspects of our environment, and all of the structural changes in our spine can be separated into one of two categories : Nervous System




Life can seem so complicated at times. But we can greatly simplify it by adhering to one simple rule:

If something in our life is an NS STRESSOR (if it causes stress to our nervous system for any reason), we should fix it; if something in our life is an NS NON-STRESSOR (if it does not cause stress to our nervous system), we should leave it alone!

This simple rule can be used to guide us in the Healing of all dis-ease/disease of our Body ! Everything in our life can be separated into one of these two categories&which greatly simplifies living and improving our life!

A progressive series of events takes place when something in our life or environment becomes an NS STRESSOR :

1. It starts with STRESS in our nervous system (the master control system of our physical body which is affected, one way or another, by everything that happens to us) which leads to a condition of--- 2. DIS - EASE (a functional problem in our physical body&a body organ or body system just doesn't work right) which will, if not corrected, eventually lead to--- 3. A DISEASE (where actual damage to body tissues has occurred) which, if not corrected, can often lead to---

4. A HEALTH CRISIS in our life (a potentially life-threatening episode of illness) which can lead to--- 5. DEATH OF BODY CELLS.

This whole scenario does not have to develop in this way! It can be corrected and stopped, preferably at its beginning&the original NS STRESSOR that is affecting our nervous system.

Unless it is detected and corrected, the almost inevitable sequence of this Body Breakdown Cycle is this:

NS STRESSOR > Dis - ease > Disease > Health Crisis > Death of Body Cells

The entire process can be stopped at any point in the progression &preferably, and much more easily, at one of the first two stages. It is more difficult to correct in the latter stages of the cycle (and it takes longer to correct). The original stress to our nervous system which starts the cycle comes from one source, the irritation of the major nerves as they exit from the spinal column&which then causes interference with the normal flow of nerve energy from the brain to each one of our trillions of body cells.

The terms allergy and sensitivity are much too limiting when used to describe the reaction of our Body to our daily environment and to our moment-to-moment emotional experiences. Clinical studies indicate that an NS STRESSOR can be caused by much more than a simple antigen/antibody reaction which, in essence, is what an allergy is considered to be. However, it doesn't really matter what the exact cause of the stress to our nervous system is&that is not important. All we need to know in order to fix the problem is does it cause NS Stress or doesn't it?&and we can determine this by analyzing the spine to find out if nerve irritation is present! If this nerve irritation is found, nervous system stress is present and the Body BREAKDOWN Cycle is already under way&and it needs to be stopped, the sooner the better!

A new type of gentle spinal adjustment has been developed specifically to prevent and stop this health-destroying cycle that can so adversely affect our health.

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