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do your children need to have their spines checked for subluxation?

· reliance on laborsaving gadgets such as cars, escalators and remote controls has taken away any natural ways of getting exercise making the current generation of children probably the most sedentary in history.

· fewer than one in four children gets 30 minutes of any activity everyday (the absolute low end of the acceptable range) and the older they get the less they exercise.

· more than 25% of girls and 17% of boys do not get even two bouts of physical activity a week.

· in the 60's and 70's, about 5% of children were overweight; today that number is closer to 25%.

(statistics taken from health magazine)

does all this have an effect on your childs spine, you better believe it. many people understand that when their child is active, whether it be in solitary, physical activity such as biking or in-line skating or in team sports such as soccer or softball, he/she may be creating subluxations in their spines. subluxation refers to the condition in which one (or more) of the bones of the spine misaligns and interferes with the mental impulse from the brain to one or more of the cells, tissues, and/or organs in the body. subluxations generally have no symptoms and therefore necessitate that people have their spines checked on a regular, on-going basis to ensure optimal function of the nerve system.

  • certainly physical forces such as twisting, hitting and falling as well as sustained muscle activity in general can cause a subluxation. however, inactivity can also be a culprit of this condition that clearly reduces the body's potential to function optimally. when muscles are not used regularly and strengthened, they may be unable to perform their jobs as well as they should. this is particularly true when a child is carrying extra weight. just because your child spends most of his time in his studies, watching television, playing nintendo or surfing the net does not mean that the bones of his spine can not become misaligned. they most certainly can and do. unfortunately, because a subluxation is rarely associated with a symptom children and adults alike do not know that they have them. have your childrens spine checked weekly for subluxation. prompt removal of this interference will allow your children to reach their maximum potential in every aspect of their lives.

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